What is the myTrends feature and how does it work?

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The myTrends feature is available on select Garmin products. When you travel regularly to saved destinations, your device will, over time, begin to figure out where you’re going even without your telling it. Your device will provide a predicted route which will display in the information bar at the top of the map screen. myTrends provides time of arrival and relevant traffic information in the information bar.

Note: myTrends is a feature that does not work out of the box when you first begin using your device.

In order to effectively use the myTrends feature you must meet the following requirements before myTrends will display time of arrival and relevant traffic information:

  • Your frequent destinations must be saved in Favorites or Saved on your device, i.e. Home, Work, etc.
  • A regular pattern of driving habits must be established before myTrends will display on your device:
    • Daily regular pattern of driving takes at least 3 days of usage
    • Weekly regular pattern of driving such as a different destination on different days would take 2-3 weeks of regular usage

Example of myTrends:


Press the information bar at the top of the map screen in order to display alternative routes if one is available. Here you can press Go! to activate a route to your myTrends destination:

Once you press Go! the device will begin providing turn by turn directions to your destination.

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