How can I pair my Garmin Speed/Cadence bike sensor (GSC 10) with an Edge 500?

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After replacing the battery or when first using, the Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor (GSC 10) will need to be paired to the Edge 500. To pair the GSC 10:

  1. Press and hold menu to access Main menu
  2. Select Settings  
  3. Select Bike Settings
  4. Select your bike
  5. Select ANT + Spd/Cad
  6. Press the Reset button on GSC 10 (the white button)
  7. Wait for Reset button to flash red/green
  8. Select Yes under Bike sensors present?
  9. Select Rescan
  10. Pedal bike to see alternating red/green blinking on reset button.

The speed/cadence icon will show unblinking on the main menu when pairing is successful.

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GSC 10 -

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