Why is voice command not working on my automotive device?

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When attempting to use the voice command feature on your compatible nuvi, dezl, or Camper/RV device, you may see a message that indicates that it is unavailable for your chosen language (e.g., "Voice Command support is not available for American English").

This can be caused by either incorrect language settings, a missing file, or an incorrect map region. First, verify your device's voice and text languages are both set to a compatible Text-To-Speech language for speech recognition. If this doesn't restore functionality, try restoring the speech recognition file.

To restore the speech recognition file:

  1. Follow the steps listed in the article linked here to download, install and run Garmin Express
  2. Click Device
  3. Click the Optional Updates link
  4. Expand Language Files
  5. Check the desired language
  6. Click Add to Updates

If the device is connected to the computer, the download will start automatically. To view if the updates were completed successfully, click Updates at the top of your screen. You will be able to view the progress of the update. Once the update is completed, you will be able to successfully use the voice command feature on your device.

If installing this file does not resolve the problem, you may have loaded only a region of mapping to your device during a map update. Please run the map update again and choose full coverage for your continent. For example, if your device was preloaded with Europe, you'll need to install Full Coverage of Europe.

The only exceptions to this rule are the North American nuvi 2460, 800, and 805 series devices. Voice command on these devices will work when either Full Coverage of North America or US & Canada are installed to the device. All other North American devices that have voice command may only use voice command when Full Coverage of North America is installed.

Regardless of the model used, voice command will only work with mapping that was originally preloaded with the device. Not all features will work with voice command if you are using supplemental maps (e.g., European maps on a device purchased in North America.)

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