How do I manually create a waypoint on a GPS 72/76 or GPSMAP 76/76s?

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Before manually creating a waypoint on the handheld, make sure that the position format and map datum set on the device matches the position format and map datum of the coordinate to be entered. If these settings are different between the device and original coordinate, the waypoint will not be positioned correctly on the device.

To change the position format and/or map datum setting on the device:

  1. Press Menu twice to reach the main menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Scroll through the tabs at the top to select the Location tab
  4. Adjust "Position" Format and/or Map Datum

To manually create a waypoint on a GPS 72/76 or a GPSMAP 76/76s:

  1. Press and hold Enter
  2. Wait for the New Waypoint screen
  3. Release Enter
  4. Highlight the coordinates field
  5. Press Enter
  6. Adjust the coordinates as desired with the rocker pad:
    1. Left and Right will cycle between the different coordinate spaces
    2. Up and Down will cycle through characters for the selected space
  7. Press Enter when finished
  8. Alter any other fields as desired
  9. Select OK when everything is set correctly

The waypoint will be saved with the updated information and location.

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