How can I delete activities from Forerunner 110/210?

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You can delete all the activities at once or individually from the History page on Forerunner 110 or 210.

To delete activities: 

  1. Press and hold page/menu button until menu appears
  2. Select OK on History
  3. Press up or down button to locate activity to be deleted
  4. Press start/stop and lap/reset simultaneously
  5. Release on buttons once Delete Activity message appears
  6. Press OK on Yes
  7. A message Delete all activities? will appear*
  8. If wanting to delete all activities, select Yes

Deleting activities is not required for this fitness watch. These devices are designed to delete older activities once the internal drive is full. This will allow for new activities to be recorded.

*Deleting all activities was added in a software update. Update via Garmin Express if the message in step #7 does not appear.

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