How do I add or remove shortcuts on my automotive device?

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Some automotive devices offer you the ability to add shortcuts to the Where To? menu. This allows for faster access to categories you frequently search. Shortcuts can be added to the Where To? menu on the following devices:

  • Camper/RV series
  • dezl 570
  • dezl 760
  • dezl 770
  • dezlCam
  • Garmin Drive 50/60
  • Garmin DriveAssist 50
  • Garmin DriveLuxe 50
  • Garmin DriveSmart 50/60/70
  • nuvi 55/56
  • nuvi 57/58
  • nuvi 60 series
  • nuvi 2405 series
  • nuvi 2407 series
  • nuvi 2408 series
  • nuvi 2505 series
  • nuvi 2507 series
  • nuvi 2508 series
  • nuvi 2509 series
  • nuvi 2609 series
  • nuvi 2707 series
  • nuvi 2708 series
  • nuvi 2709 series
  • nuvi 3400 series
  • nuvi 3500 series
  • nuvi 3507 series
  • nuvi 3508 series
  • nuviCam
  • zumo 350
  • zumo 390
  • zumo 590

To add a shortcut:

  1. Touch Where To?
  2. Touch Add Shortcut
    • You may need to scroll down
  3. Select the Shortcut or Search Tool to add
    • Available shortcuts: Favorite Search1, Category2, and Saved Place3
    • Available Search Tools:  Address, Intersections, Cities, and Coordinates

The shortcut now appears in the Where To? menu until it is removed. Repeat the above steps to add more shortcuts. Up to 36 shortcuts may be added to the Where To? menu. If you have already added 36 shortcuts, the Add Shortcut icon will not display.

To remove a shortcut:

  1. Touch Where To?
  2. Touch the menu button (three horizontal lines)
  3. Touch Remove Shortcuts(s)
  4. Touch the shortcut to be removed
    • The Go Home shortcut is the only shortcut which may NOT be removed
  5. Touch the shortcut again to confirm its removal
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each additional shortcut to be removed
  7. Touch Save to save all changes
    • Touch Cancel to undo all shortcut deletions

The shortcuts removed should no longer appear in the Where To? menu.

1Selecting Favorite Search will prompt you to enter search terms such as a specific words or a particular business/chain name.

2Selecting Category allows you to select among the following Point of Interest (POI) categories: Restaurants, Shopping, Everyday Life, Gas Stations, Banks & ATMs, Parking, Rest Areas, Art & Entertainment, Attractions, Recreation, Medical Care, Transit, and Lodging. Some of these POI categories also allow you to select among further subcategories, if you wish to narrow the search. For example, Barbecue, Car Washes, Movie Theaters, and so on.

3Selecting Saved Place allows you to create a shortcut to any of the locations you have stored in the Saved section. This is ideal for locations to which you frequently travel. Adding a shortcut allows you to select a favorite location without having to browse through those Saved locations.

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