How do I register my Garmin device?

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To register your Garmin device, visit the Garmin registration page online. To begin, select the type of product you wish to register then follow these easy steps based upon the product selected:

Automotive devices:

  1. Download Garmin Express
  2. Follow on-screen prompts

Your device is now registered.

Outdoor, Fitness, Sport, Marine and other devices:

  1. Login to your existing myGarmin account or select the option to create a new account (if one has not already been created)1
  2. Enter your device serial number3
  3. Select Submit
  4. If prompted, follow the steps to install the Garmin Communicator Plugin2
  5. Confirm the product name and serial number are correct and select Next or Continue
  6. If prompted, complete contact information

Your device is now registered in your myGarmin account.

1 Multiple devices can be registered in a single myGarmin account.

2 The Garmin Communicator Plugin allows your device to communicate with your computer. If you are registering multiple devices, you will skip this step once it is installed. For browser specific instruction on installing the Communicator Plugin, click here.

3 The marine device registration path also provides an option to register using the device unit ID as well as an option to register using a prepared card.

Links referenced in this article:

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