How do I get the latitude and longitude to display on the Map page of my outdoor device?

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The latitude and longitude of the current position of the device can be displayed in a data field on the Map page. The instructions below will walk you through this process.

  1. Press Menu on the Map page
  2. Select Data Fields
  3. Press Enter on 3 Data Fields
    • For GPSMAP 60Cx/60CSx/76Cx/76CSx users, you may also select 2 Wide Data Fields or 1 Wide Data Field
  4. Press Menu
  5. Press Enter on Change Data Fields
  6. Select a Wide Data Field
  7. Press Enter on one of the Location fields

You will notice there will be two different Location fields to choose from. Location (lat/lon) will display the location in the hddd mm ss.s position format. Location (selected) displays the location in the position format of the device.

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