How do I backup and/or restore my saved addresses, favorites, or routes on my automotive device?

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Our Camper/RV, dezl, dezlCam, LIVE, nuvi, nuviCam, and zumo devices allow you the ability to backup and/or restore the locations saved in the favorites, saved menu and routes.1 In order to restore the data, a backup must exist.

To backup the favorites, saved addresses, or routes from the device:

  1. Connect the device
  2. Open Garmin Express
    • Add the device if prompted or select it from the drop down menu
  3. Click Tools
  4. Click Backup Now or Restore Backup

If restoring a backup, click Restore Backup and select the previous backup from the drop down menu, then click Restore. This will restore the information in the backup file to the device.

1Routes will only be backed up from devices that support multiple stop routing.

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