What is Training Effect?

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To properly improve your fitness level, good cardiovascular (aerobic) exercises will put load (stress) on your organs and tissues to a greater extent than what they are accustomed to. Training Effect* measures the load applied to your body and displays the impact in relation to your current fitness level. It is an aid to help you train smarter, not harder. Training Effect is calculated based on user profile, heart rate, and the difficulty of an activity.

Your Training Effect value for a particular activity can be viewed as either a set data field or within the summary information of a workout in your History page. The Training Effect value will be marked with TE.

The Training Effect value may seem high at first until the device gets to know you and your workout patterns. The table below provides additional information on Training Effect value, which is also found in the owner’s manual.

Devices that will show Training Effect as a data field:

  • D2 Bravo
  • epix
  • fenix 2
  • fenix 3
  • Forerunner 610/620
  • Forerunner 910XT/920XT
  • quatix 3
  • tactix Bravo

* Training Effect is a feature offered by Firstbeat.

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