How do I update the device software on my ANT enabled device?

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ANT enabled devices utilize the Garmin ANT Agent to wirelessly transfer data between the computer and the device. As a result the process of updating the firmware in the devices is slightly different from wired devices.

To update the ANT device firmware:

  1. If device battery is low, reference manual concerning charging or replacing the battery
  2. Ensure Communicator Plugin is installed and up-to-date
  3. Ensure device is powered on and not in power save mode 1
  4. If necessary, Utilize Garmin Connect's web page, Getting Started, to setup pairing on the device
  5. Navigate to Firmware Update page
  6. If prompted regarding data collection, select yes or no
  7. Select the appropriate device under Wireless Devices
  8. Select the I agree to the above terms and want to proceed to the download page message
  9. Ensure appropriate device found
  10. Select Update Software button
  11. Wait for files to be sent to the ANT Agent
  12. Wait for the update to be sent to the device2

The device will revert back to the time page when the update is completed.

1Check periodically throughout this process to ensure the device does not enter power save mode as devices can enter power save mode within a minute; once the device is connected to the ANT Agent, it will remain active throughout the process.

2Multiple updates may be sent to the device; wait until all the updates have been completed.

NOTE - If any issues occur during this process, referred to the FAQ "Why is the software on my ANT enabled Forerunner not updating?" for assistance.

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