How do I update the device software on my ANT enabled device?

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The majority of ANT enabled fitness devices utilize Garmin Express to transfer data between the device, computer and Garmin Connect. This includes transferring software updates to the device.

To pair with Garmin Express:

  1. Install Garmin Express on computer
  2. Connect ANT Stick to a USB port
  3. Enable Pairing1 on device
  4. Click Get Started or Add a Device
  5. Follow instructions to complete Pairing process
  6. Click Create an Account or Sign In

Express will display any software updates in the Updates section. Clicking Install will prompt Garmin Express to sync with the device and transfer the software update via the ANT Stick.

Currently the Forerunner 405/405cx/410 will not accept software updates from Garmin Express. The last software versions released were 2.80 for the 405, 2.40 for the 405cx both in 2011 and 2.30 for the 410 in 2012. Any device with a prior software version will use the ANT Agent to update.

To update the software on the Forerunner 405/405CX/410 with ANT Agent:

  1. Close Garmin Express (if installed) including from taskbar
  2. Verify Communicator Plugin is installed and up-to-date
  3. Install ANT Agent software
  4. Pair1 device with ANT Agent
  5. Go to Software Update page
  6. Click I agree to above terms
  7. Click device in drop down menu
  8. Click Update Software
  9. Wait for files to be sent to ANT Agent
  10. Wait for ANT Agent to send files to device

The device will display Transferring Data then Updating Software while the update is applied. The process can take 10-30 minutes depending on the number of updates. Once the device returns to the Time Date screen the update is complete.

1See the device owner's manual for instructions on Enabling Pairing.

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