How can I troubleshoot when my heart rate monitor does not properly pair with device?

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Below are some troubleshooting options to take if the heart rate monitor (HRM) will not establish a connection to your device.

  • The HRM is to be worn with the logo right-side up, directly on the skin just beneath the breastbone. Position the monitor on your back if heart rate readings are erratic.
  • Moisture from water or electrolyte gel is necessary to establish an electrical connection between your body and the HRM.  
  • It may be necessary to rescan for the HRM. The owner's manual will provide step-by-step instructions.
  • Electrical interference, such as computer monitors and high-voltage electrical lines, may produce pairing issues. AM/FM Tuner or an MP3 Player may need to be worn on the opposite arm of the Forerunner.
  • Replace the CR2032 battery in the HRM. Wait at least 30-60 seconds after the old battery is removed before installing the new battery.
  • Properly clean the heart rate monitor. Refer to the HRMcare document.

These steps should help ensure your heart rate monitor is properly paired to your device. In addition, ensure your device is running the most update software.

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