How do you update the software for the DC 20, DC 30 and DC 40 with my Astro 320?

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At times the DC 20, DC 30 or DC 40 will need a software update in order to add features and possibly improve functionality of the collar. In order to update the software for these collars, you will need WebUpdater installed on your computer.

To update the software for your collar:

  1. Connect the Astro 320 to the computer
  2. Launch WebUpdater
  3. Click Next on WebUpdater Welcome Screen
  4. Click Next once WebUpdater finds the Astro
  5. Update the Astro 320's software, if needed
  6. Select Next to look for additional updates
  7. Check mark the DC20, DC30, DC40 box
  8. Click Next to send the dog collar update to the Astro
  9. Safely eject the Astro from the computer
  10. Disconnect Astro from computer
  11. Press Dog button
  12. Select the dog needing updated
  13. Select Show Info
  14. Press Menu
  15. Select Upgrade Dog Unit

The Astro 320 will begin to wirelessly send the updated software the dog collar.

If another dog collar needs to be updated, follow steps 10 through 14. The entire steps do not need to be repeated, since the Astro 320 will store the update in its internal memory.

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