How do you update the software for the DC 20, DC 30 and DC 40 with my Astro 220?

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At times the DC 20, DC 30 or DC 40 will need a software update in order to add features and possibly improve functionality of the collar. In order to update the software for these collars, you will need WebUpdater installed on your computer.

To update the software for your collar:

  1. Connect the Astro 220 to a computer via the USB cable
  2. Power on the Astro
  3. Power on the desired dog collar and place it within close proximity of the device
  4. Ensure your Astro 220 and dog collar are paired
  5. Press the DOG
  6. Press the MENU
  7. Select Dog List and press ENT
  8. Select the dog collar you wish to update and press ENT
  9. Select Show Info and press ENT
  10. Press the MENU
  11. Select Upgrade Dog Unit and press ENT
  12. Launch WebUpdater and locate your dog collar within the Device drop down menu
  13. Select Next and follow the on screen prompts

During the WebUpdater process, a banner will appear on your Astro 220 stating Upgrading dog unit software... Once this process is complete, you can then begin using your Astro 220 and corresponding dog collar.

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