What is trafficTrends and how does it work on my Garmin device?

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The trafficTrends feature improves recommended routes on Garmin devices by referencing trends in traffic flow. This helps to provide more accurate time of arrival expectations as well as alternative routes to the destination depending on the time of day and the day of the week.

Garmin has managed to improve this feature by constantly collecting historical traffic data which is delivered to the device via map updates.

Examples of how this feature works can be seen in the below screenshots. The picture on the left is a route provided to the user at 2pm on a Thursday. The image on the right is on the same day but at 5pm when traffic is more prevalent on the route. In this case, the user is provided with a different route based on historical traffic in that area.

*Data provided through trafficTrends is only available in areas covered by your particular traffic provider. For coverage areas in North America:

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For a list of all our traffic providers and subscriptions:


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