What is the largest microSD card supported by my Garmin mode device?

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There are several products within the Outdoor and Fitness families that can accept microSD cards. The primary purpose of the microSD card is to store detailed mapping such as the street mapping City Navigator NT or the topographical mapping Topo 24K.

Garmin mode devices pertaining to this FAQ are the following devices:

  • GPSMAP  60CSx, 60Cx, 76CSx, 76Cx
  • eTrex Vista HCx, Vista Cx, Legend HCx, Legend Cx, Venture Cx
  • Astro 220
  • Rino 520HCx, 530HCx

There are limitations to the size of microSD card used, the number of downloadable maps that can be loaded and the number of detailed mapping segments that can be recognized by a device.

If at the most recent device software version, these limitations are:

  • The microSD card should be no larger than 4 gigabytes (GB)
  • Garmin mode devices with expandable memory will only support one downloadable content map per microSD card. Additional downloadable maps will overwrite any maps previously installed.
  • Each expandable memory device will be able to recognize up to 2,025 detailed mapping segments

Any map segments loaded beyond the 2,025 segment limit, even if there is more room on the microSD card, will not be recognized or displayed by the unit.

See FAQ article, "How do I know what the latest firmware is for my GPS unit?" for instructions on how to properly update the device's software.

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