How do I pair my power meter with Edge 800?

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Edge 800 supports a variety of third-party ANT+ power meters including models from Quarq, SRM, iBike and PowerTap. Power meters display power output in watts while riding, which in essence, show how hard you are working in the activity.

Prior to pairing a power meter to the Garmin fitness device, ensure it is installed properly by a bike shop or by following the owner's manual provided with the power meter. The power meter may require additional updates for use with a Garmin device. If any issues occur with the pairing process, contact the power meter manufacture regarding necessary updates for the device.

To pair the power meter with Edge 800:

  1. Power on device
  2. Tap Power
  3. Touch Bike #
  4. Touch Bike # (choose a number corresponding to bike with power meter)
  5. Touch Power (dumbbell icon)
  6. Touch Power Meter
  7. Touch Yes
  8. Touch Rescan
  9. Activate your power meter*
  10. Wait to see Power meter detected.

The power meter will now be paired with Edge 800. For additional resources on using a power meter with Garmin devices visit the Power meter compatibility webpage.

For greater accuracy, refer to the FAQ, How do I calibrate my power meter for my Edge 800?

*To activate the power meter refer to the power meter owner’s manual (typically this involves spinning the wheel or the crank either frontward or backwards).

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