How do I upload a file from Training Center to my Garmin Connect account?

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Both PC and Mac users have the ability to manually upload multiple activities from Training Center to a Garmin Connect account. Issues may occur when uploading to Garmin Connect due to file size or if data from Training Center is corrupted. Upload 1 activity at a time for the best possibility of a successful data transfer.

Windows users:

  1. Open the Training Center program
  2. Right click on the activity to be exported
  3. Select Export "date/time"
  4. Save it to the computer's Desktop
  5. Sign into
  6. Click the Upload button if in Garmin Connect Classic (or if in Garmin Connect Modern, click Menu button > Activities)
  7. Click on Manual Upload (or if in Garmin Connect Modern, click Import)
  8. Click on the Browse / Choose File button
  9. Go to Desktop
  10. Click on the saved file
  11. Click Open
  12. Click on Upload Activities from file button

Mac users:

  1. Open the Garmin Training Center application
  2. Select the activity to transfer
  3. Click on File in the menu bar
  4. Click on Send "date/time" to Garmin Connect
  5. Type in the Username and Password for Garmin Connect

The file should now be available to view in Garmin Connect.

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