How do I upload a file from Training Center to my Garmin Connect account?

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Both PC and Mac users have the ability to manually upload multiple activities from Training Center to a Garmin Connect account. Issues may occur when uploading to Garmin Connect due to file size or if data from Training Center is corrupted. Upload 1 activity at a time for the best possibility of a successful data transfer.

Windows users:

  1. Open the Training Center program
  2. Right click on the activity to be exported
  3. Select Export "date/time"
  4. Save it to the computers Desktop
  5. Sign into and click the Upload button
  6. Click on Manual Upload
  7. Click on the Browse button and go to Desktop
  8. Click on the saved file then click Open
  9. Click on Upload Activities from file button

Mac users:

  1. Open the Garmin Training Center application
  2. Select the activity to transfer
  3. Click on File in the menu bar
  4. Click on Send "date/time" to Garmin Connect
  5. Type in the Username and Password for Garmin Connect

The file should now be available to view in Garmin Connect.

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