How do I charge my automotive GPS device?

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There are three ways to charge the internal battery in your automotive GPS device.1

  1. Use the provided vehicle power cable that came with your GPS device. The device will charge while powered-on and using the device, as well as when the GPS device is powered off and plugged into a running vehicle.

  2. Use an AC power adapter. Some devices come with this power cable to plug the GPS device into a wall outlet allowing the GPS device to take a charge. For devices that do not come with this cable, one can be purchased from Garmin's online store.

  3. For most devices, the final way of charging the battery is to plug the GPS into a powered-on computer with a USB cable.2 ,3 This method of charging will be a trickle charge and it may take longer than the other two options, however it will still charge the battery. A full charge via USB may take as long as 8-12 hours. A USB cable is provided with certain GPS models. For devices that do not come with this cable, one can be purchased from Garmin's online store.

Note: All devices will come with a suction cup mount and vehicle power cable to charge the device. However, only some models come with an AC power cable and/or a USB cable. If either cable did not come with the device, they can be purchased from Garmin or Garmin's dealers. To purchase one from Garmin, visit our website at:

Garmin only recommends using an AC power charger that is purchased from Garmin. Third-party cables may not charge the nuvi. The message "Attached power cable cannot charge device. Use the cable provided with your device" may display on the device if using a third-party charger or third-party USB adapter, etc.

1 Note: The temperature can play an effect on the charging of a device. If the battery registers a temperature of 0°C (32°F) and below or 45°C (113°F) and above, it will not charge. When connected to external power, it will only be operating off of external power.

2The Quest, and Quest 2, and will not charge using a USB cable.

3 The dezlCam and nuviCam will take up to 24 hours to charge using a USB cable and is not recommended.

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