Why is my Edge 500 stuck on the startup screen?

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Older software for the Edge 500 can cause the device to either lock-up or get stuck in a constant power cycle, resulting in the device to never progress past the startup screen. This can be caused by a corrupt file. The device must be held in mass storage mode to access and delete the NewFiles folder.

To delete the NewFiles folder:

  1. Hold Page/Menu button with device powered off
  2. Connect device to computer via a USB cable while continuing to hold Page/Menu
  3. Release Page/Menu after 10 seconds
  4. Select Edge 500 drive once it communicates to computer
  5. Select Garmin folder
  6. Delete NewFiles folder*

The device will now proceed past the startup screen. You will need to update to the latest software version using Garmin Express.

*If using a Mac be sure to delete the files from the Trash before disconnecting.

Referenced Link:

Garmin Express - https://connect.garmin.com/en-US/start

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