Why is my Edge 500 stuck on the startup screen?

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Older software for the Edge 500 can cause the device to either lock-up or get stuck in a constant power cycle, resulting in the device to never progress past the startup screen. This can be caused by a corrupt file. The device must be held in mass storage mode to access and delete the NewFiles folder.

To delete the NewFiles folder:

  1. Hold Page/Menu button with device powered off
  2. Connect device to computer via a USB cable while continuing to hold Page/Menu
  3. Release Page/Menu after 10 seconds
  4. Select Edge 500 drive once it communicates to computer
  5. Select Garmin folder
  6. Delete NewFiles folder

The device will now proceed past the startup screen. You will need to update to the latest software version using Garmin Express.

Referenced Link:

Garmin Express - https://connect.garmin.com/en-US/start

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