What should I do if my Garmin automotive device displays the message "No Detailed Maps Found That Support Routing" or "No Map Data Available?"

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If the message “No Detailed Maps Found That Support Routing” is displayed after turning on an automotive device, or “No Map Data Available” displays when searching for a destination, there may be a problem with the device’s mapping files.

To correct this problem, follow the steps below:

If the issue occurs immediately after a map update, ensure that Garmin Express is up to date and reinstall the maps.

If the device is being updated on a Windows computer, be sure to safely eject your device from the computer after the update has completed. Even though the update appears to be complete, the “write-caching” feature on some computers may not have completely built or transferred the map to the device. Ejecting the device before disconnecting it can prevent this problem from occurring.

To safely remove the device:

  1. Press the Windows key + E
  2. Right-click the Garmin device
  3. Click Eject (If there is no Eject option present, then the device does not need to be ejected, and can be unplugged normally.)

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