How do I use the LiveTrack feature on the Edge 510/520/810/1000?

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The Edge 510/520/810/1000 have the LiveTrack feature which allows you to share your activity, in real-time, with friends and family through email, Facebook and Twitter.

To setup the Live Track feature, you will need an Edge 510/520/810/1000, a compatible iPhone or Android phone and the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Before starting, make sure the device software and the Connect Mobile app are up to date. To pair the Edge and your Smartphone:

  1. Place Smartphone and Edge within 33 feet (10 meters) of each other
  2. Tap settings icon on the Edge   
  3. Tap Bluetooth
  4. Tap Enable
  5. Tap Pair Smartphone
  6. Enable Bluetooth on phone
  7. Select Edge from list of detected devices
  8. Confirm six digit code displayed is same on Edge

Your device should now say connected and you can start the Live Track:

  1. Open Garmin Connect Mobile app on your phone.
    • Android - Touch the menu icon (3 horizontal lines in upper left corner)
    • iOS – Touch the ‘More’ icon (bottom right)
  2. Touch LiveTrack.
  3. Accept or agree to the terms and conditions stated in the End User License Agreement.
  4. Verify device shows you are connected.
  5. Select how to send invites
    • Email:
      1. Tap Invite Recipients (iPhone users may need to adjust Privacy Settings)
      2. Add email addresses
    • Facebook/Twitter:
      • Tap to turn On/Off (May have to allow the app to post)
  6. Tap Start LiveTrack
  7. Press the Start button on your Edge

You should now have a link through the emails or posting to Facebook/Twitter from which people can follow you on the web.

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