Can I install my maps on a second computer?

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The End User License Agreement (EULA) for Garmin map products allows Garmin maps to be installed on a single computer or network for personal use. This includes full-version map products on CD/DVD along with any rightfully obtained updates to preloaded maps on a Garmin GPS device.

In situations where a computer crashes or a new computer is acquired, a map product can be installed to the new computer as long as it is uninstalled or inoperable on the original computer. A Garmin map product installed on multiple computers requires a separate license for each computer.

Obtain additional licenses by purchasing a full version CD/DVD or a Garmin GPS preloaded with the desired map. See the FAQ Should I purchase mapping for my Garmin device on preprogrammed datacard, or as downloadable content? for more information.

Installing map(s) in accordance with the EULA will ensure the agreement is met.

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