How do I install mapping to my device with MapSource?

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There are many situations where it may be desirable to install additional mapping to a Garmin GPS. One common program used to transfer mapping to a device is MapSource. This software is available for Windows only1 and can be downloaded for free from the Mapping Programs page of the Garmin website. MapSource cannot be installed on your computer without a previous version of mapping already on the computer.

To load mapping to your Garmin device using the MapSource program:

  1. Attach your Garmin device to the computer with a data transfer USB cable
  2. Start MapSource
  3. Click the Tools menu
  4. Click the Map option in the Tools menu

  5. Click the mapping regions you wish to install2

  6. Click the Transfer menu
  7. Click Send To Device option in the Transfer menu

  8. Ensure that the device appears in the Device field below the Find Device button3
  9. Click Send

This may take several minutes to load to the device, depending on the size of the mapping. After MapSource has finished loading maps to the device, you may disconnect the GPS, and the mapping will be available for use on the device.

1To load mapping to a Garmin device from a Mac, see How do I install mapping to my device with MapInstall?

2 Each time mapping is loaded to a device, it replaces any mapping that had been previously loaded (excluding mapping that was preloaded to the device when purchased), so be certain to select all mapping needed on the device.

3 If your device is not listed, check the connection between the device and the computer, and click the Find Device button. If you continue to have connection issues, see the article Why doesn't my computer detect my device when it's in USB Mass Storage Mode? for USB-based devices or Why won't my computer detect my Garmin Serial GPS device? for serial-based devices.

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