What is the Trip and Waypoint Manager software?

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The Trip and Waypoint Manager software is used to create waypoints and routes on a computer and then download them to a Garmin device. The program also transfer waypoints, routes and tracks from the GPS device to a computer.

This CD-ROM software is intended for use when one of Garmin's detailed mapping programs is not installed on a computer.

Trip and Waypoint Manager does not contain any detailed maps that can be loaded to a Garmin GPS device. The map included in this software is only a basemap. Mapsource is provided as part of the product, simply as a program to connect to the devices. The maps that are part of this product are used to give a visual reference of where waypoints, routes or tracks are located.

There is no unlock code required for using this product.

Note: Production of all MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager Products as well as all WorldMap products ended May 5, 2014.

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