What is the Secure Digital (SD) card slot used for?

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The SD card is a commonly used memory card format. These memory cards come in various sizes and are usually sold as either a microSD or regular SD cards. Regular SD cards are larger and microSD cards are much smaller. These generally come with a regular SD adapter so you can use the microSD card in devices/card readers that only accept the regular SD card type.

Depending on the device that you own, it may use either one of these SD card sizes. SD cards can be used to store files such as MP3 audio files,1 JPEG picture files,2 or supplemental mapping.

Secure Digital (SD) cards can be used a variety of different ways:

  • Pictures- If your device has a "Picture Viewer", you can put your digital pictures on a card and put the card in the device to view the pictures right on the device's screen. These pictures must be in JPEG format when saved to the SD card.
  • MP3- If your device has the MP3 Player option, you can transfer MP3 files to an SD card and then put the card in your device. You will then be able to pull up and play the music directly on your device.
  • Audible Book Player- If your device has the audible book player, you can download audible books to your SD card from www.audible.com. You can access and listen to the audible books by putting the card in the SD slot of your device.
  • Supplemental Mapping Information- If you will be traveling to an area where you do not have mapping on your device, you may wish to purchase supplemental maps for your compatible device. Mapping can be purchased directly on the Garmin website (https://buy.garmin.com/shop/buymaps.do) in formats such as downloads, SD and micro-SD cards or on a disk.3
  • Video- Garmin Dash Cam, dezlCam, Garmin DriveAssist 50 and nuviCam4 use the mircoSD card to capture video files. You will be able to view the video files either by Garmin Dash Cam Player, third-party programs (Microsoft Media Player, ect.), or the nuviCam has the ability to view the videos on the device.

For information about SD card size limitations for automotive devices, review the following article: 


1Not all devices have the capability to play MP3 files.

2Not all devices support JPEG picture files.

3 Not all formats are available for all maps or for all devices. Be sure to check the compatibility for your device with the desired mapping software prior to your purchase.

4 nuviCam, dezlCam, and Garmin DriveAssist 50 have two microSD card slots. The camera/video microSD card is outlined in red on the nuviCam, silver on the dezlCam, and is on the side of the Garmin DriveAssist 50.

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