How do I manually upload data from USB Mass Storage devices to Garmin Connect?

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Both PC and Mac users have the ability to manually upload activity data to Garmin Connect from Mass storage devices*.

To manually upload activities to Garmin.Connect:

  1. Connect device to computer via USB cable
  2. Sign into Garmin Connect
  3. Click (sidebar menu)
  4. Click Activities
  5. Click Import
  6. Click Choose file
  7. Browse to device connected as a mass storage device
  8. Select Garmin folder
  9. Select Activities or History folder
  10. Select activity to be uploaded
  11. Click Open
  12. Click Upload activities from file

The details of the activities can then be viewed in Garmin Connect.

* Most fitness devices that transfer activities through Garmin Express can upload data manually, but some utilize a different process and may be subject to additional limitations. For more information on manually uploading data from wireless fitness devices, see the FAQ "How do I manually upload data from wireless devices to Garmin Connect?".

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