How can I back up my personal settings and profiles on my Forerunner 620, 220, 210 or 110?

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Certain circumstances may arise where you will want to save your settings, profiles, and device totals. Scenarios where this might occur:

  • Performing a master reset on device - all settings and profiles will revert back to factory default settings, and device totals will be erased
  • Warranty or non-warranty replacement through Garmin - replaced with a newly overhauled device, thus original device will not be returned
  • Back up files for peace of mind

With the your Forerunner connected to the computer, it will create a drive on your Computer page or Desktop (Mac). By selecting the drive, you will notice a number of folders within the Garmin folder. Three of these folders represent the following information:

  • Settings – contains the file which stores User profile and device settings  
  • Sports - contains the file which stores specific running settings under Main menu
  • Totals – contains our file which stores device totals for time and distance*

To backup your device information:

  1. Plug fitness GPS into charging clip
  2. Open Garmin Drive from Computer page or desktop (Mac)
  3. Select Garmin folder
  4. Select Settings folder
  5. Right-click on file
  6. Select Copy
  7. Paste file on desktop or another easily found location
  8. Follow steps 4 - 7 with Sports and Totals folder ( from Sports; from Totals)

To reinstall the files:

  1. Plug fitness GPS into computer via charging clip
  2. Go to the files location on computer
  3. Press and hold Control (ctrl) key on keyboard
  4. Select each file (still holding ctrl key) until all files are selected
  5. Release ctrl key
  6. Open Garmin Drive from Computer page or desktop (Mac)
  7. Open Garmin Folder
  8. Right-click on New Files folder
  9. Paste files into folder

The NewFiles folder will automatically put the files into the correct folders once the Forerunner is disconnected and powered on. The settings, profiles, and totals will now show on your fitness GPS.

*time and distance totals only display on Forerunner 620 and 220

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