How do I pair my foot pod with the Forerunner 305?

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The Garmin Foot Pod is needed to show distance and speed/pace on the Forerunner 305 when the GPS is turned off or satellite reception is lost. To pair the foot pod with the Forerunner 305, the foot pod needs to be activated by movement and needs to have foot pod as an accessory turned to On.

To pair Forerunner 305 with the Foot Pod:

  1. Power on the device
  2. Press mode to access Main Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select General
  5. Select Accessories
  6. Select Foot Pod
  7. Select Yes under Foot Pod
  8. Select Restart Scan
  9. Walk while device searches for the Foot Pod
  10. Wait for the alert Foot Pod On or Foot pod detected. Use indoors?
  11. If prompted for Use indoors?
    1. If you want GPS off, Select Yes
    2. If you want GPS on, Select No

The Forerunner 305 should now be paired with the Foot Pod.

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