Why am I experiencing errors with my pool swimming distance?

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Forerunner 910XT and Garmin Swim utilizes arm movements and preconfigured data (such as pool size) to provide swim metrics.

Discrepancies in distance may be caused by multiple sources:

  • Inexperience in lap swimming
  • Switching stroke type mid-length
  • Stopping or walking mid-length
  • Dramatic changes of speeds mid-length
  • Performing drills that affect arm motion
  • Interruptions from pool traffic
  • Failing to utilizing the Lap or Pause button appropriately
  • Utilizing a pool that is too small for your level of swimming proficiency

To decrease the amount of discrepancies:

  • If resting between lengths, utilize rest intervals
  • Utilize a strong push-off from the wall with a long streamlining (glide) phase
  • Swim continuously throughout the length at a consistent pace
  • Utilize one stroke type throughout each length
  • Continue to strive for a consistent stroke pattern
  • Utilize drill log 1 for drills that affect arm movement
  • If missing lengths as a strong swimmer, consider utilizing a standard-sized pool 2

As swimming technique improves with the use of the above instructions, distance accuracy will improve.

1 - If drill log is not available; utilize rest intervals for drills that affect arm movement
2 - If lengths are being missed (under-counted) in a small pool, consider utilizing a standard-sized pool as the watch may miss lengths for strong swimmers who only take a few strokes to cross small pools

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