How do I perform a master reset on my Montana?

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There are a few instances in which it will be necessary to perform a master reset on the Montana, including the following:

  • Not receiving a satellite signal
  • Restoring the factory default settings
  • Not functioning properly

Performing a master reset can cause data loss. To back up user data* utilize the FAQ “How do I back up user data from my outdoor GPS with a USB interface?". If removing user data is desired to eliminate corrupt data or free up additional space, reference the FAQ “Why does my Garmin outdoor or fitness GPS still show my GPS data after a master reset?”.

To perform the master reset:

  1. Power Montana off
  2. Press and hold finger on upper left side of display (can be done in portrait or landscape mode)
  3. Power on device
  4. Continue holding until the Do you really want to erase all user data? message appears
  5. Release finger from upper left side of display
  6. Touch Erase
  7. Allow device up to 20 minutes to acquire satellite data with a clear view of sky

The Montana is now reset and ready for use.

*User data consists of waypoints, routes, tracks, and geocaches

*Please provide your feedback to help us improve your experience.