How do I select maps from MapSource to transfer to my Garmin Mapping Handheld device?

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MapSource gives you the ability to transfer detailed maps to your GPS. Examples of these details maps are City Navigator NT or Topo.

Please ensure MapSource is running the latest version. If not, the links below will allow you to update.

Once the update is complete (if needed), the below steps will direct you on how to transfer maps to your device.

  1. Open MapSource
  2. Select the Zoom Tool button
  3. Scroll in or out to view the area of map you would like transfer to the device
  4. Select Map Tool button
  5. Click on any area(s) you would like to load to your GPS
  6. Select the Map tab to the left

NOTE: Make certain the amount of maps select is not over the amount of available memory in the device or SD card. If too large, then remove some of the map selections by clicking on any of the pink area.

  1. Go to Transfer
  2. Select Send to Device
  3. Select Find device, if device does not appear. If it is not listed, ensure that the device is connected to the computer and powered on.
  4. Ensure the Map box is checked
  5. Select Send

The maps will now begin to transfer over the device. Depending on how many maps are being sent, this may take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. Once the maps are successfully sent, the GPS will now show these detailed maps.

A MapSource Tutorial video is also available for further assistance.

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