How can I calibrate the screen of my Forerunner 610?

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The screen on the Forerunner 610 may need to be calibrated if the device is not accurately responding to touch.

To calibrate the Forerunner 610:

  1. Press and hold Power/Light to shut down watch
  2. Tap Yes on shut down question
  3. Press and hold Start/Stop and Power/Light until device powers on
  4. Release Power/Light while continuing to hold Start/Stop when Software Loader message appears
  5. Release on Start/Stop once the Touch the dot message appears

Once the calibration screen is present, complete the calibration process by touching the dot with a stylus or other sufficiently accurate tool as it moves around the screen. It can be difficult to complete the screen calibration process by using your finger.

The device will finish powering on as usual once the calibration is complete.

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