How do I enter a 25 character unlock code into MapSource to unlock my BlueChart, City Navigator or Topo maps?

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If a map has been previously unlocked, a 25 character unlock code has been generated and can be entered into MapSource to unlock the map on the computer. 

Before unlocking the map, ensure that the latest version of MapSource is installed.

To unlock maps in MapSource:

  1. Open MapSource
  2. Click the Utilities menu
  3. Click Manage Map Products
  4. Click the Unlock Regions tab
  5. Click Add
  6. Type in the 25 character unlock code into the first box
  7. Click OK
  8. Close the Manage Map Products box
  9. Close the MapSource program
  10. Reopen MapSource

If the maps are displayed as "unauthenticated," refer to this article:

What should I do if my mapping shows unauthenticated in MapSource?

The maps will now be unlocked on the computer.

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