How do I update the software on my Monterra?

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The software on the Monterra can be updated by connecting the Monterra* to a wireless network or through Garmin Express. The device periodically checks for software updates while connected to the Internet via WiFi. A notification appears when a software update is available. It is also possible to check for updates manually.

If a software update notification appears while connected to a wireless network:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen Select New Software update available
  2. Select About Monterra

To check for an update manually while connected to a wireless network:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select About Monterra
  3. Select System updates. The device will check for available updates and may take several minutes
  4. Select Download and follow on-screen instructions

To update using Express:

  1. Download Express
  2. Connect Monterra to Computer
  3. Follow on screen prompts from Express for software update

After Express says the unit has been updated installed there are some additional steps that must be completed on the device:

  1. On the Monterra select Settings from the menu
  2. Select About Monterra
  3. Select Software Updates
  4. Select Search
  5. Select the option to install the updates once found

Once these steps have been completed, the Monterra's software will be up to date.

*Garmin WebUpdater will not update the software on the Monterra.

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