What is Training Stress Score®?

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Training Stress Score® (TSS) is a way of measuring how much stress is put on your body from a ride. TSS® is calculated using Normalized Power® (NP), Intensity Factor® (IF) and ride duration. TSS® helps to determine the best combination of workouts and rest periods.

Below is a TSS® guide:

  • Below 150 - recovery for ride will likely be finished by the next day (low)
  • 150 to 300 - may be some leftover tiredness the next day, but gone by 2nd day (medium)
  • 300 to 450 - may be some tiredness Even after two days (high)
  • More than 450 - Likely be tired for several days after ride (very high)

Measuring the physical stress a ride has had will help improve the overall race performance and help make improvements to your training regimen.

TSS® will show* on:

  • Edge 500
  • Edge 510/810
  • Edge 520
  • Edge 800
  • Edge 1000
  • epix
  • fenix 3
  • Forerunner 910XT/920XT
  • quatix 3
  • tactix Bravo

If TSS® does not appear as an optional data field, update the software with Garmin Express. You will find TSS® in Garmin Connect on the activity's details page. There will be a Power section within the Details box.

For further detail on TSS®, view the Training Peaks website.

*Note: A power meter is necessary to receive TSS®.

Normalized Power® (NP), Intensity Factor® (IF), and Training Stress Score® (TSS) are registered trademarks of Peaksware, LLC.

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