What are some general guidelines when creating Garmin Custom Maps?

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Certain guidelines need to be followed to ensure Garmin Custom Maps will display on the device. Some guidelines to remember when creating Garmin Custom Maps are:

  • More than one jpeg can be in a kmz file.
  • The only kml file that will be processed is a doc.kml, inside the kmz file  
  • Jpegs files are the only supported image type
  • Jpeg must be saved without Progressive Image (typically found under advanced options).
  • Kmz files are read from \Garmin\CustomMaps directory on both the unit's internal memory and on the SD Card.
  • Images over 1 mega pixel (1024x1024 pixels, 512x2048 pixels, etc.) will be rendered at a reduced resolution on the unit. If this is causing a problem for your map, you can split the image and use multiple jpegs inside of one kmz file.
  • Each jpeg should be less than 3MB.
  • The max number of Custom Map JPEG images that can be loaded:
    • Typically 100 for supported devices
    • Exceptions:
      • Montana (500)
      • Monterra (99)
      • Oregon 600 series (500)
      • GPSMAP 64 series (500)
  • The size of the jpeg files will affect the draw speed on the Garmin device
  • There is no limitation on kmz file size as long as the previous limitations are met
  • Since each kmz file will need at least one jpeg file to be a functional custom map, kmz file limitations match jpeg limitations
  • Custom Maps are enabled or disabled as a group

Following these guidelines in the creation of Garmin Custom Maps will ensure they work correctly on the device.

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