Can I use the built in Minn Kota trolling motor transducer with my Garmin marine device?

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Minn Kota offers some trolling motors with a transducer built in. These transducers operate at 83kHz and 200kHz. A few select Garmin devices are capable of utilizing both of these frequencies. To connect these transducers to Garmin devices, and adapter cable will be required.

If the Garmin device requires a 4 pin transducer, MKR-US2-12 part number should be used.

If the Garmin device requires a 6 pin transducer, MKR-US2-1 part number should be used.

If the Garmin device requires an 8 pin transducer, MKR-US2-14 part number should be used.

Here is a link to the Minn Kota webpage that sells these adapters.

List of devices that can utilize the 83kHz and 200kHz frequencies from the Minn Kota transducers:

  • 4 pin Garmin devices:
    • echo 101
    • echo 151
    • echo 201
    • echo 301c
    • echo 501c
    • echo 551c
    • echo 151dv
    • echo 201dv
    • echo 301dv
    • echo 551dv
  • 8 pin Garmin devices:
    • echoMAP 50dv
    • echoMAP 50s
    • echoMAP 70dv
    • echoMAP 70s
    • GPSMAP 527xs
    • GPSMAP 547xs
    • GPSMAP 721xs
    • GPSMAP 741xs
    • GPSMAP 820xs
    • GPSMAP 840xs
    • GPSMAP 1020xs
    • GPSMAP 1040xs

Devices not listed above can use the 200kHz frequency, but will not be able to utilize the 83kHz frequency. The appropriate adapter will still be required.

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