Can I pair a different company's speed and cadence sensor to my Edge 500?

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The Edge 500 is compatible with the Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor (GSC 10) as well as a select few 3rd Party ANT+ compatible sensors. The advanced Bike Profile settings allows you to setup your Edge according to the specific type of speed and/or cadence sensor being used.

To access the advanced Speed/Cadence Sensor settings:

  1. Go to Main menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Bike Settings
  4. Select Bike Name (default is Bike 1)
  5. Select ANT + Spd/Cad
  6. Change Bike sensors present? to Yes, if needed
  7. Select Sensor Details

The description of each setting is as follows:

  • Spd/Cad Sensor = GSC 10
  • Spd Sensor = ANT+ Compatible 3rd Party Speed Sensor Only
  • Cad Sensor = ANT+ Compatible 3rd Party Cadence Sensor Only
  • Spd and Cad Sensors = ANT+ Compatible 3rd Party Cadence Only and Speed Only Sensors

Once the appropriate box is checked, press Back to pair the Edge 500 to sensor by pressing Rescan.

Referenced Link:

GSC 10 -

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