Does my Forerunner 10/15 record or display elevation?

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The Forerunner 10 and 15 both record and display: time, distance, pace, and calories. These watches do not show or record elevation.

Both watches do record the GPS positions, (latitude/longitude) in the activity track. When uploaded,Garmin Connect will use a digital elevation model to look up the elevation for each GPS position in the track and an elevation profile will be displayed on the Activity's page.

If an elevation profile is not created, delete the activity from Garmin Connect and import the activity again from the watch.

Deleting Activities from Garmin Connect:

  1. Go to Garmin Connect
  2. Click on Menu Icon (three lines in top left corner of page)
  3. Click on Activities
  4. Select activities to be deleted with check mark
  5. Click Delete (above list of Activities)

To manually upload using modern Connect (taken from article titled, How do I manually upload data from USB devices to Garmin Connect?):

  1. Connect device to computer via USB cable
  2. Sign into Garmin Connect account
  3. Click the sidebar menu (3 lines) near the top left
  4. Click Activities
  5. Click Import
  6. Click Choose file
  7. Browse to device connected as a mass storage device
  8. Select Garmin folder
  9. Select Activities or History folder
  10. Select activity to be uploaded
  11. Click Open
  12. Click Upload activities from file

The elevation graph should now show properly in the Activity's page.

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