My Vector pedals have a little play in the bushing. Is this normal? Can I make it go away?

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It is not unusual for Vector pedals to occasionally have some play in the bushings, and it will not damage the pedal bodies, bushings, or spindle. The grease will occasionally move around on the spindle, and allow for some play in the bushing. It often goes away with additional rides on the pedals. Additionally, if you have the proper tools, you can remove the cartridges from the pedal bodies and then the spindles from the cartridges, and then re-assemble the system. This process will re-distribute grease on the spindle, and remove any play in the bushing. Consult the Owner’s Manual for detailed disassembly and assembly instructions.

If pedal play or wobble is still evident after completing the steps to re-distribute grease on the spindle please contact support to order a replacement cartridge kit for your Vector system.

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