What is a trip log and how does it work on my automotive device?

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Trip logs are points automatically stored when the GPS device is locked onto a satellite signal and moving. It is the electronic equivalent of laying down a "breadcrumb trail" to mark the path that has been traveled.

A Camper/RV, dezl, dezlCam, LIVE, nuvi, nuviCam, or zumo device can store 10,000 points before it begins the process of archiving additional logs.1 Beyond 10,000 points the device moves the oldest trip data into an internal archive file. Up to 20 archive files can be stored internally on the device. This means, depending on space available, the device can store over 200,000 points of trip data.

Archived trip log information is not visible on the device itself, but can be used and seen with Garmin's MapSource or BaseCamp programs.

To open and view individual archives:

  1. Open the Garmin drive
    • This is located in Computer or My Computer on Windows
    • This is located on the Desktop on Mac
  2. Open the Internal Storage folder
    • Skip this step on some devices
  3. Open the Garmin folder
    • Skip this step on some devices
  4. Open the GPX folder
  5. Open the Archive folder

Each archived GPX file can be opened in MapSource or BaseCamp.

These can also be opened as individual archives from within BaseCamp by following these steps:

  1. Connect the device to the computer
  2. Open the BaseCamp program
  3. Click on the device or Internal Storage, under Devices
  4. Click on an active log

*Note: MapSource will not install without a previous version of MapSource mapping already installed to the computer. If mapping software is not available, BaseCamp would be the application to use. The mapping applications can be downloaded from this link: http://www8.garmin.com/support/mappingsw.jsp

1The Archive file feature can be found on all Camper/RV, dezl, dezlCam, LIVE, nuvi, nuviCam, and zumo models EXCEPT the following: 

  • nuvi 200 series
  • nuvi 300 series
  • nuvi 600 series
  • nuvi 700 series

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