How will the LightSquared Wireless Broadband Proposal Affect my Garmin Device?

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On January 26, 2011, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted a conditional waiver to LightSquared for a terrestrial wireless broadband service in the radio frequency spectrum that is adjacent to the GPS signal. Garmin’s testing has shown that this spectrum use could disrupt many GPS devices, not just Garmin devices. Details of this test can be found through the following link:

Garmin is not opposed to wireless broadband, but we want to ensure that implementing such a system will not disrupt GPS capabilities for millions of Americans who rely on it. The FCC recognizes that interference to GPS is a significant concern. As a result, the FCC has directed LightSquared and other interested parties (including the GPS industry) to address these concerns. Garmin is working with LightSquared to ensure that by the time any service commences commercial operation, GPS interference issues will be resolved.

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