Can I use BaseCamp with my legacy Garmin device?

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BaseCamp supports a wide range of Garmin devices. However, it will not support legacy Garmin devices, specifically devices that utilize the serial port connection.

Devices not compatible with BaseCamp are:

  • eTrex and eTrex H
  • eTrex Vista, Legend, Venture, Mariner, Summit, and Camo
  • Foretrex 101 and 201
  • Geko 201 and 301
  • Rino 110, 120, and 130
  • GPS 72 and 76
  • GPSMAP 76 and 76S
  • GPS 12, 12MAP, 12CX, and 12XL
  • GPS II, II+, III, and III+

If the device is on this list, consider purchasing Trip and Waypoint Manager to transfer data to and from the computer.

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Trip and Waypoint Manager -

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