Can I create custom waypoint symbols for my outdoor mass storage device?

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Garmin's outdoor mass storage devices come with over fifty different symbols to choose from. If one of these symbols does not apply to the waypoint, a custom symbol can be created on many of these devices*. Custom symbols can replace an existing symbol or a new one may be created. New symbols are grouped together under the “Custom” waypoint symbol list.

Before creating a custom symbol, ensure your device is up-to-date with WebUpdater.

To create a custom symbol:

  1. Locate and install an image manipulation program
  2. Launch image program
  3. Create a custom symbol with the following guidelines:
    • Create an image that is no larger than 32 pixels in width or height
    • Create transparent pixels by setting the color to magenta (RGB= 255, 0, 255)
  4. Save the custom symbol with the following guidelines:
    • If applicable, ensure no color space information is saved
    • Ensure the image is saved as a 24-bit Windows-style bitmap format (typically located in Save As dialog box, under advanced options)
    • If the custom symbol will replace an existing symbol, name the file using the <sym> element in the waypoint’s GPX file (i.e. “Flag, Blue.bmp”)
    • To replace existing symbols, please see our complete listing of existing geocache and waypoint symbol names.
    • New symbols can be given any other filename (i.e. “New Symbol.bmp”)
    • By default, a symbol drawn on the map will be centered on a waypoint. To adjust this “hot spot”, include the offset from the upper-left corner in the filename (i.e. Anchor.10x20.bmp)
    • Developers wishing to associate an enumerated symbol ID can include one in the filename (i.e. Anchor.7701.bmp)

To save the custom symbol to a device:

  1. Symbols should be saved in the Garmin (drive) > Garmin (directory) > CustomSymbols (directory)*
  2. Ensure no more than 56 custom symbols are installed to the device

Utilizing the above instructions will allow you to utilize custom waypoint symbols on the GPS device.

*Please provide your feedback to help us improve your experience.