Why won't my Edge or Forerunner lock on to satellites?

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Occasionally an Edge or Forerunner may have trouble acquiring satellites. This may be due to corrupted satellite information. Performing an AutoLocate will clear previous GPS data and allow the device to reacquire the satellite information.

You may need to perform an AutoLocate in the following circumstances:

  • Device has not been used in over two weeks
  • Device has travelled more than 150 miles between satellite acquisitions
  • Distance or speed data appear to be inaccurate

The AutoLocate instructions listed below pertain to the following fitness devices:

  • Edge 205/305
  • Forerunner 101/201/205/301/305
  • Forerunner 310XT/910XT

To perform an AutoLocate:

  1. Ensure device is powered off
  2. Press and hold DOWN
  3. Press and release POWER
  4. Wait 30 seconds
  5. Release DOWN

After the AutoLocate is performed on the device, allow 15 to 20 minutes to acquire satellites with a clear view of the sky. The fitness device should now function properly.

If acquisition issue persists, it may be necessary to update the device software or perform a reset (Edge 205/305 - Forerunner 101/201/205/301/305 - Forerunner 310X/910XT).

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