Can I view my preloaded, downloaded or preprogrammed map data in BaseCamp?

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The updated version of Garmin BaseCamp allows for preloaded, downloaded or preprogrammed maps from Garmin to be displayed in the application.1 MapSource does not have the ability to view maps in this format.

BaseCamp can be downloaded for PC and Mac on Garmin's website.

To view the map data within BaseCamp:

  1. If using a Garmin Mode outdoor device (including the GPSMAP 60/76 Cx or CSx; eTrex Legend/Vista Cx or HCx; and the Rino 520/530 HCx)
    1. Power on device
    2. Press Menu twice
    3. Select Setup
    4. Select Interface
    5. Press USB Mass Storage
    6. Connect Garmin device
  2. If using a Mass Storage or a Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) device, connect Garmin device
  3. If using a card reader, insert a preloaded SD card into card reader
  4. Open BaseCamp
  5. Click Maps
  6. Click Map Products
  7. Select the appropriate map product from the list2

After selecting a map product from the list, the maps should be viewable in BaseCamp.

1BaseCamp will not work with any Ocean or Commercial mapping. It is designed for Street, Topo or Lake mapping only. BaseCamp will not display any mapping that was loaded to a device or SD card using the MapInstall program.

2Some maps may take an extended amount of time to display in BaseCamp.

Printing of maps is restricted on all formats other than a DVD.

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