How do I master reset my Forerunner 10?

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There are a few instances in which you may want to perform a reset on your Forerunner 10, such as:

  • Not functioning properly
  • Needing to be restored to factory default settings
  • Not receiving a satellite signal
  • To bring up language selection prompt if incorrect language text is showing

By doing this reset, all user information, workout history, and satellite data will be erased. Workouts can be backed up to training programs like Garmin Connect.

To reset the device:

  1. Power off watch (press and hold Light, device will count down and shut off)
  2. Press and hold Enter (top right) and Down button (bottom right)
  3. Press and release Light button to power device back on
  4. Release Enter after first beep
  5. Release Down button after second beep

The reset on the Forerunner 10 is successful if the device finishes powering up and goes to the setup wizard. Try the steps again if the setup wizard does not appear.

Leave the device outside with a clear view of the sky for a minimum of 20 minutes to acquire satellite data.

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