What can I do if my outdoor mass storage device is not being recognized by the computer?

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Mass storage devices typically appear as a drive on your computer, allowing easy access to data on the device regardless of operating system. Occasionally, the device may not appear as a drive.

If the device is not recognized as a drive:

  • Ensure device interface option is set to Garmin Spanner or Garmin Serial1
  • Answer Yes to any prompt to enter mass storage mode

If device is still not recognized after one minute, a boot block will be necessary.

To perform the boot block:

  1. Ensure device battery is fully charged
  2. Disconnect device from computer
  3. Power device off
  4. Download, install and run WebUpdater
  5. Proceed to Find Device screen
  6. Press and hold the appropriate button(s) 2
    • Alpha 100, Approach G3/G5, Dakota, eTrex Touch, Montana, Oregon or Rino 600 series: POWER
    • Approach S1/S2, Astro 320, Colorado, D2, fenix, Foretrex 301/401, GPSMAP 62/78, GPSMAP 64 (series), tactix: UP
    • Approach S3/S4/S5/S6: MEASURE
    • Approach G6/G7/G8: GREEN
    • eTrex 10/20/30/20x/30x : HOLD THUMB STICK UP
    • D2 Bravo, epix, fenix 2/3, quatix 3, tactix Bravo:  START/STOP
  7. Plug device into computer
  8. Wait until device is recognized by computer, it may take up to 30 seconds for device to be recognized as a drive
  9. If prompted, install USB device drivers:
    1. Choose, No, not at this time
    2. Click Next
    3. Chose, Install USB drivers automatically (Recommended)
    4. Click Next Wait for USB driver installation to complete
    5. Click Finish
  10. Release appropriate button(s)
  11. Backup device to BaseCamp to backup device
  12. Click Find Device in WebUpdater
  13. If needed, update device
  14. Right-click on device drive
  15. Click Eject
  16. Disconnect device from computer
  17. If required, insert batteries into device
  18. Power on device
  19. Wait for update to complete

Your device should now function normally.

1 - Reference the owner’s manual for assistance in changing the interface option on your device.

2 - The process for boot blocking these devices varies only in the button(s) held.

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