How do I turn my nuvi, dezl, LIVE series or Camper/RV device on or off if it appears to be frozen or will not power on?

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If your nuvi, dezl, LIVE series or Camper/RV device is frozen or will not power on, the device may need a soft reset.

To power the device off with the soft reset, press and hold the power button or hold the power switch in the on position for 8-10 seconds.  

In some cases, the device may even appear to be dead and refuse to power on from external power. This can be corrected by performing the soft reset while the device is connected to a power source with a USB cable, vehicle power cable, or an AC adapter.

These steps are applicable to nuvi, dezl, LIVE series or Camper/RV devices, except as noted below.

nuvi 300 & 600 series:

Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds (the reset button is located under the antenna on the back of the device)

nuvi 500, 800 & 805 series:

Remove and reinsert battery

nuvi 5000:

Unplug from power and then reconnect device

Once the soft reset is successful, it is recommended that you update the software on the device. Full step-by-step instructions for this process can be found in the FAQ article below:{8576ba20-e948-11dc-d6fc-000000000000}

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